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After filling out the quote form, I’ll review the information you provide and schedule a time with you to discuss your needs for your energy healer or reiki website project in greater detail. Based on our discussion, I will gain a better idea of what you want your website to look and feel like. With your important needs and goals in mind, I will build a beautiful, one-of-a-kind website.

You’re Awesome, You’re Website Should Be Too!

There are many benefits to having a responsive website for your energy healing/reiki practice. Your services will be easier for prospective clients to find and learn about. New clients also tend to feel more comfortable coming in for their first appointment if they’ve been able to learn more about you first. Not only will you be able to make patients feel more prepared for their first visit, it will give you a chance to educate all of your patients about the benefits and advantages of your services. If you’d like, we can even integrate an calendar on your site, so you can share the events you’re doing with your community.

Here’s Our Simple, 3-Step Process

1. Discuss

We’ll start by scheduling a call to discuss your goals, purpose, and offerings. From there, we can create a brand image that represents you and your values.

2. Develop

After we discuss your project goals, we will create a custom website, built to help you share your expertise and offerings with your current and prospective clients.

3. Deliver

Once we’ve laid the foundation and added your branding to your site, we’ll deliver it to you with all of your information and content beautifully displayed.

Ready to share your passion for energy healing with a custom, mobile-friendly website, beautifully designed to serve and reach your ideal clients?

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